Our Mission

We offer the only child-friendly web development coding course in the UK specifically targeted towards mums

"Our mission is to remove barriers to entry into technology for Mums by equipping them with the technical and entrepreneurial skills to succeed"

Our baby-friendly programme is built on the principle of encouraging innovation through collaboration, mentorship, and networking, geared entirely towards getting new parents to set their ideas in motion. Participants will learn the basics of coding and get a sense of the Tech landscape within a community of parent entrepreneurs, and the best part is they can bring their baby along for the ride – amazing!

Why Join Us

a child friendly coding school

Meet Industry Leaders

We are lucky to be supported by Tech and Startup leaders. Get some one-on-one time with the movers and shakers in your community

Challenge yourself

Do something different on your maternity leave and join our community of aspiring entrepreneurs. You dont need to have a business idea to come along, just an interest in technology. Perhaps you will get inspired and develop the next big thing!

Work together

Learn alongside like-minded parents and entrepreneurs and set your ideas in motion

Immersive learning

Our curriculum is completely flexible and very much about filling in your skills gap. Is there a new platform you have been dying to learn how to use or a new programming language? Let us know and we will do our best to source an instructor.


We are a child friendly programme and encourage parents to bring their little ones. Please note we are not a creche and will hold our events in offices so little ones may be in the same room for some classes. We keep the classes small so parents can get the most out of it. Our belief is that if everyone comes with a flexible attitude it will be a fun session :-)

Build your network

Mums in Technology aims to partner with Tech Companies with extremely talented people. They all care about giving back and sharing knowledge. By spending 6 weeks with us learning valuable skills and engaging wih incredible mentors, you will build long lasting relationships.We will support your learning and help you break into Tech.

Our Corporate Partners include

Meet the Team

Our team of mums


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